Tips for after a bank holiday weekend…

… sigh. The return to work always feels rough, doesn’t it? And Easter is a particularly sneaky bank holiday where you get two whole extra days off, and somehow that makes it even harder to go back.

However, I have come up with some ways to beat this sneakiness and bounce into work on Tuesday! Whether you work for yourself or someone else, these should have you as sparky as a spring lamb…

Firstly, schedule something lovely for the week ahead. This could be as simple as a lunchtime cuppa or stroll with a friend at work, or organising to meet some of your favourite people for dinner or drinks one evening. It could be cooking a new recipe, or treating yourself to an uninterrupted bath. Or dedicated crafting time… the possibilities are endless!

Letters ready to post after a bank holiday weekend |

Next up, make sure you have written some letters to post. This has double benefits – you will make someone happy with the card, letter or postcard you’ve written to them, and you will have to walk to a postbox which will get you out of the office or away from the shop floor for a little while. What’s not to love?

Lastly, set yourself a reminder to go to bed early tonight. Lots of sleep is a magical thing – as well as feeling incredibly luxurious and a bit naughty, it will mean you wake up on Tuesday full of energy and ready to take on the world!

What are your best tips for surviving the first day back after time off?

An Envelope of Snippets for April

painting of flowers - an envelope of snippets for April -

How has your April been so far? Has your bujo been decorated with bunnies, you desk covered in daffodils and your desk drawer filled with a secret chocolate egg stash? Or have been enjoying the lighter morning and evenings while sipping a cup of green Earl Grey tea?

Whatever you're doing here are some links to entertain and distract for a few minutes; your mileage may vary.

Links for April

  • Looking at your spring wardrobe and thinking about accessories? How about jewellery made from old love letters from Forever yours Agnes.
  • Stamps are already like mini works of art. Does this collection take them to the next level?
  • Does everyone you know have a birthday at the same time (forcing you to buy greeting cards in bulk)? Discover the most common birthdays with this inactive heat map
  • Reading ideas for this month are in the form of this list of 100 epistolary novels. It was with amazement that I realised I'd read many of these. However I didn't recall them being in book or diary form.
  • You can use a keyboard of some kind for most things these days. Which begs the the question: why would you take time out to improve your handwriting? This blog post explains what the 5 advantages to working on your handwriting are. It also links to a podcast offering a scientific perspective.

Ok back to instagramming tulips, oohing over ice cream shaped erasers and wondering if Ink Drop's HQ will ever have a clear desk policy…


My life in stationery – Frankie of the Native State

It’s a bit like looking at someone’s bookshelf. You can tell a lot about a person by their stationery related tastes and habits. In this post Frankie Kerr-Dineen, Scottish based designer at The Native State tells us about her life in stationery.

On with the questions for Frankie….

Frankie, designer at the Native State |

What’s the best thing you’ve ever received in the post?

The first mock of our very first print design was very exciting. We had played around with different paper and paper weights and it was great to finally have the perfect product in our hands.

What’s your current favourite stationery item?

I love my rubber stamp! It’s has our logo on it and each of our prints are stamped with it on the back.

Thank you card from the Native State|

 Are you a diary writer? Tell us about your journal habits if you are (and don’t worry if you’re not!)

Unfortunately not. I put events in my phone and that is it. My dad writes in his diary daily and has done for as long as I can remember. He could tell you what he did and ate on the 16th March 1999. I’m kind of envious of that.

And are you a list maker?

Yes! I love a good list like I love a good colour coordinated spreadsheet. Ticking items off a list makes me feel like I’m making progress and getting things done.

Favourite ink colour?

Black. Although I did buy a shimmery pink pen the other day which is pretty fun 😉

palm print by the Native State on table|

Your favourite place to write?

At my desk with the sun on my back and a coffee beside me.

Last thing you posted?

In the mail? I sent some orders out yesterday and (of course) returned a pair of jeans I bought online.

Good vibes only envelope from the Native State|

Pop over to The Native State and have a look at their delightful offering. Frankie tells us they are inspired by adventure, love, positive vibes and most recently motherhood The prints and stationery aim to lift your mood, make you smile or get you back on the right path.

Fancy sharing your stationery preferences and habits? Want to appear on this blog? Fill in the ‘My life in stationery’ quizlette and we’ll do the rest.


It’s a stick up

Who doesn't love stickers? Perfect for livening up folders and notebooks. Splendid at envelope decoration. Lovely added to letters. Delightful in a bujo. In fact I've even livened up my plain grey water bottle with some stickers. It's like sewing patches onto your denim jacket but way less effort.


Selection of stickers | stationery and letter writing|

In our opinion we all need small pleasures in our daily life. So for your enjoyment we've put together a 2017 version of the 'It's a Stick Up' selection. It's a stick up has 9 different sticker designs. Naturally you can justify the monthly planner stickers as being sensible. Likewise the numbers, letters and hands are there for labelling. Finally the 5 fun designs are like dessert after eating a sensible main course.

Indulge your sticker habit and purchase It's a Stick Up today.


Boxing and unboxing

Opening post is one of the joys of receiving post. It's like a mini Christmas. Plus it's even more exciting when it isn't a bill or a circular. Or when you can't guess exactly what will be in it just from looking at the envelope.

One of the exciting bits of every month is packing up the Ace box orders ready to ship all over the world. It's wonderful to handle all that lovely stationery. Choosing what tape and stickers we will use on the envelope is also pretty cool. Additionally it's a great opportunity to have a natter about everything from bullet journal to favourite ink colours. We've started making 'boxing' videos showing us packing what goes into each month's box. The time lapse style amuses us no end. It makes it all seem so frantic!

Boxing up for February

Unboxing February – opening the post

By contrast unboxing videos are much less frantic. But there's no less love for the contents. Erika, from Diary of a Bibliophile, made this unboxing video (it's in italian) showing the February selection.

If you miss the feeling of anticipation when the post arrives then order yourself some goodies. Naturally, stationery can be justified as a necessity! You can receive the Ace selection as a one off or as a subscription for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or forever! Or you could pick up something from our shop. Our 345 selections as available in yellow and pink and include 3 stationery items for just a fiver.


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