Boxing in June

Not that kind of boxing, stationery boxing!

We’ve been packing and posting with the help of Kettle this month (we really must do a feature on the Ink Drops cats…) and here’s our boxing video for June!

I’m particularly fond of the space notebook and that glorious elephant card this month.

Now off to follow the cats’ example and flop about in the garden, because it’s far too hot to do anything sensible…

Crafternoons, pencil shavings and stationery as a weapon? – An envelope of snippets for June

Links round up for June|


How's summer been for you so far? The longest day isn't that far away so at Ink Drops Towers we're making the most of bright mornings and light evenings. The Progressive Greetings Live! trade show was brilliant and we found some amazing cards, postcards and stickers. Somehow there's also been time to go to a clothing swap, hang out at a pool party and talk about (but not actually get round to) car washing.

Here are your monthly distractions as chosen by us

Stationery as a weapon? It's all very A Team! This book has some pretty amazing ideas on what you create with a paperclip and rubber band.

Do you keep a commonplace book? Ryan Holiday has some interesting thoughts on why you should.

We love it all but reckon the pencil shaving poster would look great adorning the walls at Ink Drops Towers

Handwriting is important

Plan a summer crafternoon now

Have a delightful June and eat all the strawberries and ice cream

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My life in stationery – Madelyn of The Wright Fit

When we read through Madelyn's 'My life in stationery' we were pretty impressed that she takes weekends off from list making. Then we discovered that she's a healthy lifestyle mentor and it all started to make sense! It made our glitter paper hearts shine to hear that she's a multipod and uses a paper diary.

Madelyn of the Wright Fit, Health and Fitness Coaching talks about her Life in Stationery | | stationery by subscription

First things first, what's your name?


What's the best thing you've ever received in the post?

One of the best was when I entered a competition. I won a box of self-massage equipment – rollers for your thighs, feet, calf muscles etc! I was very excited!

What's your current favourite stationery item?

My old-school paper diary, and the floral pencil with its heart-shaped rubber on the end that I use to note down dates etc. I went back to paper a few years ago after using an online calendar for years. It feels a lot more peaceful and manageable!

Are you a diary writer? Tell us about your journal habits if you are (and don't worry if you're not!)

I don't keep a journal (although when I was a kid I had a habit of starting one every year or two. So I have lots of Day 1s littering the place!) but I add little notes in my appointments diary. Then I can look back and get a sense of what I was up to, why, and how I felt.

And are you a list maker?

I LOVE a list! My current To Do list is in fact five separate To Do lists. They're on a note-taking app on my phone – one for each day of the week (I give myself weekends off!), each with a different focus: career, self-care, new projects, planning & admin and household. If I ever feel stuck or overwhelmed, a list is usually my first port of call.

Favourite ink colour?

I usually write in blue or black just because that's what I have to hand. If it were a free choice I'd probably go for green or purple.

Your favourite place to write?

I tend to type my thoughts rather than hand-writing them because it's quicker, and easier to go back and edit, but that means I'm constrained to places with electricity and WiFi. My phone is always on hand to take down notes when I think of things. I tend to have wonderful ideas when I'm out in nature, watching ducks squabbling or picking out shapes in clouds or sunbathing on a patch of grass.

Last thing you posted?

A 30th birthday card to a friend I met about 12 years ago at Uni (blimey, didn't realise it had been that long!!).

Find out more about Madelyn and how she helps people to find easier ways to be healthy and happy over at her site, The Wright Fit. Her secret is embracing being a multipod, learning and trying new things, then mixing them all together to create a wonderful unique kind of 'happiness stew'.

Fancy sharing your stationery preferences and habits? Want to appear on this blog? Fill in the ‘My life in stationery’ quizlette and we’ll do the rest.


Anyone for a mini stationery subscription?

When Carla and I started Ink Drops we had grand plans based on what we wanted to do rather than what our lovely customer might want from us. So we excited talked in our first months about offering a giant box of stationery goodies every quarter called the ‘La-di-dah’ selection. We agonised over whether we should include pens and pencils in our selections. We got carried away by the idea of tying up bundles of old letters with ribbon.

Packing stationery subscriptions |


Time has passed quickly since we sat around a kitchen table to consider what should go in our first selection and then to pack it in boxes that were much too big. We still believe in the wonder of stationery, the delight of surprises through your letterbox and lunch in the park.

What our customers like…

What we have noticed is that our customers love to buy our stationery as gifts. They like to delight their stationery loving friends and family with 3 month subscriptions to our service. We’ve also had lovely comments from customers that they would buy for all their friends if their purse strings would stretch that far.

With this in mind we’ve created some limited edition 3 month subscriptions on different themes. These allow us to vary the price point a bit (access to stationery for all!). Better still it means we are providing even more opportunities for surprises to drop through your letter box.

London stationery subscription |

Subscribe to London Love

I love London had been one of our most popular selections. You lot clearly dig black taxis, red buses and Big Ben so we’ve created a mini subscription. Running for 3 months the first mailing of this limited edition selection will be on 21 June. Subscribers will receive 3 packets of London themed goodies over 3 months. You can pay £30 up front and wait for the goodies to arrive, or make a payment of £10 for each of the 3 months.

London stationery subscription |

Buy now

The limited edition 3 month London Love is currently on sale until 14 June or when it sells out. Our last mini subscriptions sold out in 48 hours so don’t delay!

London stationery subscription |


List overwhelm (and how to deal with it)


Lists of lists of lists of lists… they’re great, but sometimes they can get a bit much for even the most enthusiastic of list-makers *raises hand sheepishly*.

list overwhelm |

My beloved bullet journal is still going strong, and has been something of a life saver in recent months. As my world was turned upside down and inside out by the loss of my Dad, I found myself with an unbelievable amount of admin to do, and a brain which seemed to have stopped working in shock.

A few months on, my brain power is slowly returning, and this evening I sat down to try and make sense of the bujo lists I’ve made in the past few months.

…. Yeah. None of them have any logic, and some of the items on them just make no sense.

And you know your lists are overwhelming when you look at them and feel sick with fear, and utterly overwhelmed at how much it looks like you should be doing.

Enter the list purge…

I do this in normal life too, but have found it especially useful today. Every few months, I sit down with my bullet journal and a few sheets of normal A4 paper (!) and head them up.

  • Things to do immediately
  • Things to do soon
  • Things to do one day
  • Things that would be nice to do

Feel free to edit the categories as you wish.

I then go through the last 3-4 months of my bullet journal bullets and get EVERYTHING out that still needs doing, onto one of those four sheets of paper.

Really urgent, MUST DO RIGHT NOW jobs go on post it notes – but use these with caution or you’ll set yoursef up for more overwhelm. By really urgent, I don’t mean “do washing”, or “write blog post”, I mean things like “pay road tax so I can drive my car without getting arrested tomorrow” and “buy cat food so my kittens don’t starve from my lack of organisation”.

The major advantage of this when you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed is that you are bound to find a load of stuff you no longer need to do, and also several things you’ve moved over to new lists and then completed, so you can cross them off (which is oh-so-satisfying).

Once your lists are completed, you can either copy them into your bullet journal on four new pages, or you can spend time highlighting and prioritising them, depending on your preferences.

I’ll spare you the actual lists, as this time round most of my entries are mainly very dull or rather distressing in nature, but the photo is of my preferred surroundings as I do this. Scented candle totally necessary for soothing vibes!

How do you deal with lingering lists?

Carla xx

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