Our Story (about Ink Drops, and about us)

Ink Drops curates and delivers beautiful parcels of stationery. It’s like a selection box of chocolates (not in a box!), but with cards, papers, notelets and other things to make your handwritten correspondence stand out. We offer a monthly subscription, and a variety of themed parcels for immediate dispatch.

One summer evening, we were chatting about make up and the concept of beauty sampler boxes, and one of us said “wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get a beauty box, but full of stationery, a parcel of loveliness every month or two?”.


You know when something just feels right from the moment it is voiced? So it was with Ink Drops, and our little company was born. It took us longer than we’d expected to find the right name, but as it’s themed around writing and correspondence the old-fashioned way, it seemed to fit.

Officially launched on 1  November 2012, we endeavour to spread the love of writing far and wide – because really, is there anything better than receiving real post?

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About us

Behind Ink Drops, we are Carla and Annastasia…

Annastasia Ward

Annastasia Ward

Co-founder and keeper of the emerald ink

Annastasia’s dream stationery is in various shades of green (to match her hair).

When not getting enthusiastic about anything with an emerald tint she can be found getting creative with food and fabric, reading a good book or writing lists in a beautiful notebook.

Her personal blog is at Midori Green. Visit one of her accounts on Instagram for vegan food or green things.

Carla Watkins

Carla Watkins

Co-founder and chief glitter distributor

Carla is a blogger, maker, talker and dreamer, with a notebook addiction and a lifelong love of real letters and typewriters.

She’s often to be found zooming round the back roads of Essex behind the wheel of her much-loved car (Poppy) or on her Dutch bicycle (Bluebell), and occasionally on rollerskates (as yet nameless).

She’s rarely seen without a camera in hand and has a burlesque/fae alter ego, Lotta.  She blogs, photographs and makes at Carla Louise and coaches women in finding confidence via their alter ego at Unfurling Your Wings.