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Our story

Hi! We’re Carla and Annastasia and we run Ink Drops, the UK’s happiest online stationery shop.

Our paths first crossed when we were working in the same library and we bonded over a shared enthusiasm for the contents of the stationery cupboard.

Ink Drops was a subscription box service from 2012 to 2024, posting out hundreds of monthly stationery deliveries spreading happiness in the form of notebooks, pens and novelties.

Carla and Annastasia laughing at each other on the beach, Ink Drops stationery subscription boxes

It’s now our fabulous online shop filled with all kinds of things we love as we’re both planner, notebook and pen addicts, although we have very different approaches and styles to our papery organising goodness.

So you can choose your own goodies for delivery – it’s our non-edible version of a sweet shop!

Spot the difference

A handy guide to tell the difference between Annastasia and Carla… are you ready?! 

Check her hair colour

All kinds of shades of green – that’s Annastasia. Mermaid meets rainbow in a swirl of pinks and blues – that’ll be Carla.

What's on her desk?

Pile of paper secured with paperweights, carefully arranged highlighters and pens in every shade of green – you can leave Annastasia’s tea here.

Multicoloured chaos with all the fountain pens and lists on scraps of paper – pop Carla’s can of Pepsi Max on the unicorn coaster.


Preferred approach to planning?

Annastasia favours her colour coded Passion Planner with a supporting cast of notebooks and a love of deadlines – giving her plenty of space in her schedule for the good things in life! 

Carla can’t fathom life without at least four planners or Filofaxes to try and keep track of all the excitement that life has to offer plus an adorable notebook or ten.


Writing with?

Green ink in a green pen for preference – definitely Annastasia. 

Turquoise or hot pink ink (because she couldn’t possibly decide on just one signature colour!) – you’ve spotted Carla!


And also…

If you’re extra curious, Ink Drops is based in the lovely city of Colchester, Essex. Despite their differences, Carla and Annastasia are both enthusiastic about books, blogging and beautifully balanced pens (with smooth writing ink).

Carla is a photographer with two adorable but troublesome cats, a mermaid tail and a suitcase full of chocolate. Her life is like a suitcase covered in stickers that she’s always trying to cram more amazing stuff into.

Annastasia is a content writer who frolics with words, and has a home full of green coloured things and cupboards full of exciting and indulgent cooking ingredients. If she ever gets to the end of her to-do list she might sit down with a glass of wine and a good book.

Our business catch ups usually include oodles of fresh bread, and rambling discussions about burlesque, Discworld and the best way to organise your time. We’re very excited you found us – here’s to ongoing paper-based happiness!

Find us on socials @inkdropsbox or #stationeryadventures

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