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An A5 print on a background of a folder and paper. The print is split into two sections for recording thoughts.

If you look at our January luxe print, you might think that it’s a bit early to be thinking about 2025! And way too early to be writing anything down. 

But here’s the thing, we forget. If you’ve ever kept a diary, you’ll find yourself reading past as if they were written by an entirely different person.  Surprisingly you were worried about attending an average-sounding event. Or excited by a day out you are unable to recall. And then there’s the 3 months where your entries are obsessed with dinosaur stickers/a boy band/toast.

This is one of the reasons why stationery exists; to help us remember. This kind of message to the future is exactly what we had in mind with our luxe print. The festive and New Year period are busy with lots of moving parts. As it happens, they are also the time when we frequently comment about how we will do things differently the following year. We’ll gift everyone books. Or set up a Secret Santa exchange for the family. Start shopping in August. Not bother with bread sauce and double the number of roast potatoes. 

Ideas for this year

And it’s not just festivity reminders. I met up for Christmas drinks with a group and reconnected with a friend I hadn’t seen in person all year. We caught up and agreed that it would be great to have a catch-up over a beverage every month or so. We exchanged a few WhatsApp messages but haven’t put a date in place. That’s definitely going under ‘ideas for this year ‘ because otherwise, it will be December again without any action.

Ideas for next year

Now I noticed on an early January visit to London that it was much less busy than in December. However, all the decorations were still up. So I think a reminder to review my usual plans for viewing the lights, and the tree in Trafalgar Square is in order.

January is a quieter month. So it’s the ideal time to settle down with a cuppa, think back about the intentions and ideas that might have gotten lost and capture them. I’m putting the luxe print at the start of my planner folder. The bright yellow will catch my eye and mean that I look at it regularly and be reminded of what I want to do.


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