One Thing at a Time #1: Pick a Priority

The first technique we’re going to try out and discover how to make it work is Picking a Priority.

Among the arsenal of time management techniques, prioritising is towards the top. It’s possibly right after making a list of things that need doing. It’s a simple principle.

You work out what is most important and/or urgent and do it first. However, like many simple things, it’s not always that easy to apply, because what’s important for you might be a little lower down the list for someone else and what’s urgent for them can wait until next week for you.

We’re going to be looking carefully at when to use the priority approach. After all, just what urgent and important mean for us (and should they mean something different?).

Expect a progress report towards the end of the month when we have time to reflect on what works for us.

Do you prioritise? How do you define urgent and important?