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Carla and I have been looking at our stock very carefully in recent days. We’ve been giving particular attention to the birthday cards, as we try to decide which one to send to ourselves.

space invaders card |

Ink Drops is a year old. We launched last November and sent our first boxes out last December. 

We’ve had an exciting year visiting the Stationery show, taking typewriters to a letter-writing salon, and selling stationery pick ‘n’ mix at a vintage fair.


We’ve blogged about all kinds of things from diaries to secret letter stashes to uses for postcards. There have been business meetings in parks, inspiration gotten during country walks, and a little time out to enjoy the moment. We’ve bantered, chattered and conversed with some wonderful people both online and in person.

Most exciting of all has been the ample opportunities to play with lots of amazing stationery items while putting together our boxes.

Never mind the birthdays card | February box |

 So to celebrate we’re lighting one candle on a rather large cake. Then while sipping something fizzy, we’ll begin our 7-day birthday giveaway. Starting on Sunday 1 December 2013, we will be giving away a different stationery item every day via Twitter. Taking part is easy – you just have to follow us on Twitter and retweet our competition tweet.

So here’s to our second year as Ink Drops. We have exciting plans for the future so please stay tuned, and thank you for all your support this year.