Last week was National Stationery Week – three words that set our paper-obsessed hearts all aflutter!

With new boxes and ideas in mind, we took ourselves and a giant rubber duck (he’s shortly to have some kind of green accent, to signify the joint heritage of Ink Drops – Ducking Fabulous and Midorigreen) up to London for two days.

It was heaven. Actual stationery heaven. The Business Design Centre in Islington is a lovely building anyway, but fill it with two floors of stationery companies and we didn’t know where to look first!

All our careful plans went out of the window and we gave ourselves over to the inspiration that came from meeting so many likeminded people in such a short period of time… it was wonderful.

We’re still deciding exactly which delights we’ll be ordering for new boxes, and planning some competitions and giveaways – but in the meantime, let me leave you with some of the Ink Drops Duck’s adventures…

We had a wonderful, inspirational two days and have come back fizzing with excitement, plans and ideas. Watch this space!