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I’ve been through every kind of diary available, in my time. From homework planners at school to academic diaries at university. Loose Filofax pages and little handbag-sized hardback diaries, I’ve had them all. Of course, I love every single one – and choosing the next is always a treat.

My doctor often raises her eyebrows at me when I pull out my latest incarnation of paper organiser. She’s more used to seeing a smartphone or tablet. Apparently, all twentysomethings have surgical attachments to their phones. Who knew?!

But there’s something more… permanent… about appointments made on paper. I prefer a work-based desk diary, a smaller one for social appointments or a calendar for important dates. It’s much easier to skim through the next week’s commitments and month’s birthdays and anniversaries. E-reminders tend to pile up and add to my list of unread emails.


I do use Google calendar for collaborative work, but every single entry is duplicated in my trusty paper diaries.

Significantly this year, I’m making the switch back to the academic year. Repeatedly in September/October, I want to schedule things happening in the next year and cannot write them down.

So I’m off to the shops tomorrow morning to get an August to August refill for my Filofax. And maybe a small handbag-sized diary too. That will make three, with my work appointment/notes hybrid – and as none of them is battery powered, it means I can have my plans with me wherever I am.

Call me old fashioned – but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What kind of diary do you favour?