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Postcards are fantastic things. Who would imagine that a piece of card could have so many possibilities? They are a small but perfectly formed opportunity for colour, texture, and fun.

Here are my 5 favourite things to do with a postcard

1. Use as a bookmark – It’s not just about marking your page. In addition to finding where you were, there are other advantages. Having a bit of space to write on your bookmark is rather useful in my opinion. Whatever I’m reading I frequently feel a need to look up word meanings, concepts, people and events. If I can’t be bothered to dig out a dictionary or get onto Google I can make a note for later. Plus if inspiration strikes I can make a note of that too.

2. Frame them for instant art.

Yes, this started life a humble postcard…

3. Make them as a starting point for your own creativity. For instance, customise the postcard in the style of the Great Big Stitched Postcard swap and do look at their Flickr group for more inspiration.

4. Put a selection to work as diary pages – pick postcards that relate to your experiences and add a few notes and the date on the back. Then punch holes in a corner and tie them together with treasury tags, string or ribbons. A lovely way to record a holiday, trip or special occasion.

Look at those colours

5. Send them to people with lovely things written on the back. Now I know that this is the obvious use. But I wonder if it gets overlooked in favour of the less exciting email. I like to think of postcards as the exuberant cousin of the correspondence card. Use them instead of greetings card in deliciously brightly coloured envelopes.

What do you do with postcards?