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Pile of diaries

When does the year start? For those who are able to live absolutely in the moment (so mainly those under the age of five?) it would be January first. For the rest of us, it seems to arrive quite a bit earlier.

This question leads to another… at what point do you need a diary for the next year? Clearly, if you are completely digital this is not a problem. However, I prefer to have something I can scribble in. It’s difficult to add vague reminders to an e-diary. And misses out on the fun of trying to remember what the reminder you pencilled in some months earlier actually referred to.

I always find that if I don’t purchase a new diary or notebook soon enough I  want to hang on in the hopes that I’ll receive one for Christmas, my birthday or pick up a bargain in the January sales.

But not this year. A suggestion of a theatre outing in January has made me realise that November is when 2015 is starting for me. So it’s time to decide what I’ll be using to keep track of what I’m supposed to be doing when. I’ll still be using Wunderlist for reoccurring tasks. And for keeping track of things I plan to read/do/eat/make/visit/listen to but I definitely need an analogue companion. So time to decide whether to go Moleskine, Dodopad or something else?

Any recommendations?