The days are definitely getting warmer. Morning walks are still a bit nippy. But gardens are bursting with flowers and new greenery which distracts nicely from the a chill breeze. We’re excited that Spring is here and we’re getting ready for summer as you can see.

Plan your summer wardrobe

The move towards warmer weather usually prompts us to do a wardrobe clear out. While some staples remain year round, other just don’t work. While you’re packing away your jumpers and boots have a think about your ‘stationery’ wardrobe as well. I have a few lighter bags that I only use during the summer. My planner simply won’t fit in them! So I have a selection of smaller notebooks to pack on the days that I use them.

Get inspiration from a hashtag

Pick a hashtag to follow for the season. It doesn’t have to be seasonal. Maybe choose one related to a particular location or tourist sights near where you live or a place you’ve visited. See what inspiration you can find.

Make future you happy

Once again it’s time to make future you happy. Look at birthdays and any other significant dates coming up in the next three months and prepare accordingly. Block out dates. Order cards and gifts. Feel smug at how prepared you are.

Have a lovely month!

P.S. If you want to be super smug then get a greeting card subscription!