Card Subscription Service

At last, a card subscription service for you!

Imagine always having a selection of lovely cards to hand. No more last minute runs to the corner shop! Actually giving your boss a card that doesn’t imply their main interest in life is gin.

Being able to write a cheer up note to your bestie / Great Aunt Agatha / yoga teacher. Presenting a card to your minimalist and stylish friend that isn’t covered in glitter.

Think how calm / smug / organised you’ll feel as you select the perfect card from your stash.

Using our expertise gained from developing one of the first UK based stationery subscriptions since 2012 we now offer a monthly card subscription service.

From just £10 per month sign up to receive 4 beautiful cards in each mailing. Selections will be posted out on the second day of each month.


Sign up now for a monthly subscription – with no minimum term 🙂

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