Carla and I are talking about what technique we might try next to increase productivity and ultimately make our lives run more smoothly. We discuss the matter for several hours. Actually, It’s more like 4 minutes when digressions about cats, bullet journals, cake, sleep apps, mermaids and novelty erasers are taken out of the total. We conclude that it is the time a task might take that is most off-putting. We also note that things couldn’t actually take as long as we thought they did or we’d spend all our waking hours washing up.

So throughout May, we’re going to try to do tasks in 10 minutes. This creates a most amusing image in my head. It’s a Benny Hill style speed up. We’re so fast we blur and we fall over a lot. But I’m sure it wouldn’t be like that. This should be easy as:

  1. Feel reluctant about doing something.
  2. Set a timer for 10 minutes.
  3. Carry out a task in no time at and sit back with a cup of tea feeling like Captain Smug.
  4. Let’s see how reality pans out!

Let’s see how reality pans out! Any one want to play along at home?