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One of the things that both Carla and I observed while trying out ‘pick a priority’ in January was that when you do something seems to matter a bit.

For me, it was the whole procrastination issue and choosing to do the jobs I liked first while making excuses that I couldn’t do others because it wasn’t the right time. Meanwhile, Carla struggled to focus on a single priority and then nailed it by assigning a different focus to each part of the day.

So February will see us working on the when-should-I-do-it issue by trying to do it ‘earlier in the day’. It does sound a bit vague but we wanted to allow scope for exploration and getting creative. We’ve agreed that earlier means after you get up but before you eat your lunch.

Other than that the floor is open for us to see what we can do to make this work. Will we get everything done by 10 am and go for an early lunch? Or will 11 am see a burst of activity as a deadline causes us to focus? Will it make us get up extra early, or just eat lunch late?

What do you think? Has doing it first thing worked for you?