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So as you know, we’re pretty keen on diaries and journals at Ink Drops HQ. I love to write, whether it’s a few short sentences about the day, a list of things I’m grateful for, or a longer, more exploratory amble through my thoughts and feelings, on paper.

It’s wondrous. Written on paper the contents of my head amaze me . It often sparks new ideas and makes me think about things in different ways.

But I’ve been talking to some incredible creative women this week. And I’m going to try art journalling for a while, alongside my existing journal practice.

It feels strange at first… choosing a coloured pencil instead of my trusty fountain pen… looking at my box of rubber stamps and wondering which to use first to represent my day. Trying to represent things in colour and images and phrases instead of sentences

Like many people, I’ve spent my life repeating, in various situations, “I’m no artist” or “I can’t draw to save my life” and other variations on the theme. I’m creative.. but not artistic.

Everything is art

From today, I vow to stop saying that. I may not ever be “an artist” who paints or draws pictures for a living. But I do believe that everything we create is art in some form, and just because I can’t draw, that’s no reason not to spend a few minutes a day messing around happily with the contents of my crafting drawers.

Oh yes. Coloured pencils, felt tips, Sharpies, glitter, glue, stickers, things I’ve torn out of magazines, my extensive rubber stamp collection… you name it, they’re getting exercised in this book. SO EXCITING!

The very beautiful white sketchbook I’ve bought to play with has 50 pages. It’ll be amazing if I can manage to do this every day for a week. But, hey, maybe that could be next week’s #weeklyresolution?! I’d love to keep playing with it until the 50th page is full and see how my confidence in making art has progressed.

It’s also a lovely thing to do outdoors on a summer’s afternoon or evening. You could get children involved too if you want to! (best excuse I know to get messy with poster paints…)

Do you keep an art journal? Share it with us in the comments or on Instagram if you do – I’d love to see your creations!