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A few years ago I acquired this simplified card at Selfridges and treated it as part fortune cookie, part instructions. But sadly in neither case has simplification descended on me.

I was reflecting on this the other day and the following occurring to me:

  • Every time I try to simplify my life I drop things only to take on more things.
  • Surprisingly It’s hard to curb enthusiasm.
  • Scheduling too many things for a day is easy.
  • There is no general definition of a simple life. Only you know what makes your life more complicated. Tasks that appear easy to you aren’t easy for everyone. Tasks that you find complicated are simple for other people.
  • Only I can choose what is important in my life.
  • You can’t do every single thing there is. Therefore you should choose to do the things you like.
  • Basically, life is complicated for everyone . Only you decide how to make work.
  • You can take inspiration from other people. But you have to find your own way.