Moving house. It requires lots of organisation and allows stationery lovers to indulge in notebooks, folders, and sticky notes. However, there is no getting around it. Moving involves a lot of paperwork. And lots of different tasks to be mindful of. How do you ensure that everything gets done?

Tate reversible notebook

Enter the reversible notebook. A notebook with two covers. Yes I know it sounds even complicated than moving. You have to see it to believe it.

Top view of reversible notebook

Does that make a bit more sense? I like that you have a back and front for both. So you can make notes throughout but still use the back page for noting vital-must-be-able-to-find-in-a-hurry information.

I used one cover for making notes about my current property such as bills to cancel, what needed moving in each room, and what to do on moving day.

The other cover I used for my new location from possible properties, to utilities to set up to room sizes.