I often spend time on Fridays and Sundays sorting out what’s happening in the week or two ahead. It’s the only way to stay on top of all the things I do – business, job and life things.

And though I’m unarguably a very digital girl, this afternoon I noticed just how much paper is involved in my weekly planning sessions:

That’s a Moleskine diary/notebook, my productivity planner, a money tracking worksheet and a to-do list… and this is the bare minimum that makes it to the day job with me! If I’m without one of these four I feel rather lost. In fact, I will refuse to commit to anything unless I have them in my hands. (Yes, even with the wonder of things like Evernote and Google Calendar. Neither hold a candle to a proper diary and calendar!)

But it’s not like my stationery addiction is a secret. Plus there is something very soothing about seeing everything written down. It can’t vanish unless I lose it. If I cross it out it hasn’t gone forever. And I can look back for memories and prompts in the future.

What paper do you carry around every day?