Forget cliches about new pencils cases, back to school and September being the new January. Isn’t every month a chance to start again and make a fresh start on a better way of living? Make your future self happy but just take it a day at a time.

Do a planner review

It’ll soon be time to buy a planner for 2022 so take the opportunity now to look at the system you’re using now. Consider which bits are working for you, which ones you no longer use and what would make a daily difference.

Clear out your pencil case

There’s likely no need to buy a new pencil case, particularly if you’re still working largely from home. But you can clear it out, remove random pens you don’t use (and all those random items that have snuck in) and give it a clean.

Plan for birthdays

While you’re in the mood for taking care of your future plan gifts and birthday cards up to the end of the year. Put celebrations into your planner, put the cards to one side and check you’ve got enough suitable wrapping paper.

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