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The arrival of autumn and the transition into the colder months at the end of 2021 are very much on our minds right now. Brr! Here’s how we’re getting organised in October.

Prepare to get cosy

Do what you need to do to stay warm in winter. So dig onesies, hot water bottles and cosy blankets to stay warm while reading, listening to podcasts or catching up with TV. Get the thicker socks from the back of the drawer and start wearing more than one pair. Embrace your collection of scarves. Stick gloves in your bag. Try wearing leggings under your jeans for extra toastiness!

Rethink your morning routine

It’s going to be colder and darker in the mornings for quite a few months now so what changes do you need to make? Pop your slippers next to the bed. Find some workouts on YouTube to get you moving when it’s too dark and wet to go outside for a walk.

Prepare for 2022

Put aside a page in your planner or keep sticky notes close at hand. Then when you get excited by something you want to do next year you’ll have a place to record it. It’ll also help with setting your goals for the year ahead.