Have an early night

Getting enough sleep is really important. So tonight abandon your job list and get to bed super early. The work will still be there tomorrow and you’ll feel more able to tackle it. Don’t sit up half the night reading either (although you might want to schedule in a reading evening too if that’s something you are struggling to find time for).

Know what you’re doing in December

The run-up to Christmas and the new year can get super busy and there are so many things to remember. So take some time to make sure you know what you’re doing when. If there are dates that are important to you every December then make a list to use as a starting point in future years including everything from your Mum’s birthday to your annual Christmas cocktails to last posting dates.

Work out how to plan for 2022

On the subject of dates, what are you doing to plan for the early weeks of 2022? If you’ve already got your new planner then you’re sorted but if you have then you need a system. How will you record appointments and deadlines ready to transfer over? Whether it’s a notebook or a heap of sticky notes decide how to handle it.