The organisation of things has changed quite a bit since March. We’re pretty glad we followed our own tip and got our desks tidied! In the meanwhile, we’ve been looking at how we can continue to deliver stationery and cards to you. Right now means weekly post runs, doorstop collection and carefully keeping track of what stock is where! Getting organised is something that changes as your life changes so stay flexible.

Find your anchors

Lockdown might have meant a change in how your day looks. Maybe there’s no commute so your morning routine is different. Or you now have the rest of the family at home and have to fit yourself around their needs. This makes it a great time to look at where the anchors in your daily routine are. Even if you feel like you have no routine there will be things you do every day.

Maybe it’s putting the kettle on as soon as you roll out of bed. Or keeping an ear out for the postie. Even brushing your teeth. Be mindful of these daily things and use them to attach other habits. So if you struggle to remember to take your vitamins or send birthday cards link it to something else you always do. Check your calendar after you brush your teeth. Take vitamins while the kettle boils. Read 5 pages of that book while you wait for the letterbox to rattle.

10 minutes of nothing much

What’s the point of being organised? It’s about you doing the stuff you must as quickly as possible. Then you can lose yourself in doing the other things. The problem is that getting to the end of your job list is a strange thing. It’s elusive and strange when it does happen. Then how do you know what to do when you’ve done all the things? Practice for the time when you’ll be super-efficient by staring out of the window for at least 10 minutes. Like getting to the end of your job list it might be more difficult than you think.

Commit to minimum exercise

I would definitely exercise if I was more organised says just about everyone. If it’s already on your schedule that’s awesome and you can have a gold star. But if you like the idea of PE with Joe but can’t just seem to get a sweat on then this one is for you. Decide to commit to the minimum amount of exercise. This might be doing the 10-minute workout for seniors every day on the grounds that’s that it’s 10 minutes and gentle enough that you don’t need a shower after. Or to do a single yoga pose every day before you make lunch. Or heel raises when you brush your teeth. But it’s a start, right!