Rejig your job list

How do you organise tasks on your job list? It’s time to revisit your approach and see if there is a method that would work better for you. Review your task batching technique. Having gone through a phase of scheduling every task for a specific time, I’ve been taking a more laid back approach lately. I block out some time for a particular project or area of focus. Then I do what I can.

Clear that paper pile

It is far too easy to put a piece of paper to one side to deal with later. Then you discover that you have created a rather large pile that you have little enthusiasm to deal with. I’m working on solving this by putting the pile into a rather lovely storage box and pulling out a sheet at random each day to deal with. One of the joys of this approach is that I’m ow not sure why I held on to most of them. So after a brief, puzzled glance, they are neatly filed in the recycling and I can put a tick next to a task.

Clear out your email folders

Creating and labelling feels very grown-up and organised but it does mean I hold onto digital clutter. I really don’t need the e-ticket for a concert I went to 6 years ago. Or a lengthy exchange about travel arrangements for a pre-pandemic family holiday. As usual, I’m applying the little-and-often approach and checking a folder every day.