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Organisational tips for March -

Zero your working space

In other words, tidy your desk. Not a half-hearted shuffle of papers either! Firstly, take everything off your desk. Give it a good clean. Find a pot or tray to put a selection of writing instruments in and out the rest in a drawer. Do something with those random items that have been taking up space.

First things first

Think of the 4 or 5 things it’s really important for you to do first thing every morning. And think widely. It might be the standard drink water/stretch/meditate. But it could include things like updating your budget, read a poem and or colour code your daily planner page. Then write them down on a card and put them somewhere you’ll see them. Maybe next to your bed. Bonus points if you put together a box, tray or bag with all your first things supplies.

Menu plan with sticky notes -

Choose a day for menu planning

Pick one or 2 days a week and spend 5 minutes on deciding what you’ll be eating. We love Trello for this kind of activity but a cute chalkboard would work. So would sticky notes stuck up on cupboard doors. During those 5 minutes don’t just think about food to buy.  Challenge yourself to make meals using ingredients from a specific cupboard or shelf.