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Prepare for the clocks to go forward

Missing that extra hour of sleep can be a tiny shock to the system and leave your feeling ever so slightly out of sync for a few days. Take the opportunity to get a good sleep routine in place throughout the week. You’ll feel better and your weekends won’t be spent catching up on shut eye.

Clear our that drawer

Ok, it might not be a drawer. It could be the front of your fridge, a corner of your table or even a folder. Wherever you stash flyers and leaflets go through them and recycle the out of date takeaway menus, event announcements and discount vouchers. while you’re at it can you find a place to store vouchers to make sure that you use them before they expire?

Do what’s actually on your list

Stop playing catch up and see what it’s like to actually do what’s on your list of that day. Then do it again and again. If you’re still behind then limit the number of things on your list. Remember that there’s always more work to do!