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100 memories

Start a practice of writing down 100 memories from the month. Get whoever you lived with involved. I started doing this when returning from the holidays. When I read back through I’m amazed at the small things that made the time special and how easily I forgot them. So pull out a notebook and start a memories page for June.

Prepare yourself

Think ahead about prepping for future lockdowns. We’re not talking going full-on survivalist 🤣 Make notes on the things that worked. The shopping lists 📄. The meal plan. The routine. Also, record the things that didn’t work or drove you mad after 2 minutes. Think about how you can mitigate these in future.

Deal with pens

Get rid of all your pens that don’t work any more. It’s so annoying when you grab a pen and it doesn’t work. Take 10 satisfying minutes to do this and then delight in the joy of a working pen stash.

P.S. Mystery boxes are on sale until 15 June.