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Whats the best way to make changes in a new year? It depends on you but we’ve found that making small changes is often the most effective way. It prevents overcommitting and hopefully stops a grand gesture from coming to a rather inglorious stop!

Put 2021 to bed

Tidy up the loose ends from last year. Go through your paperwork and archive anything that you don’t need immediate access to. Ensure that vital info is pulled from old planners and notebooks and put them away. Clean out old receipts from your bag, wallet and pencil case.

Choose one thing

You might have all kinds of goals and plans for the year but pick one that is going to be your focus. If you finish dealing with it before the end of the year then you can choose a new focus.

Review your planning system

Weekly and monthly reviews of your goals are a sound idea so why not have a regular review of your planning system?