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Clear off pinboards

Or the front of the fridge. Perhaps the cluster of random papers clipped to the spine of a folder. But wherever you put your miscellaneous paperwork and bits of ephemera now is the time to sort them out. Yes, we had every intention of doing them in January but we had stationery to ooh over and tea to drink!

Put dates in your calendar

One thing we did achieve in January was making a list of people to see and things to do this year. Carla added the list to her bullet journal while Annastasia made the list on a sticky note for easily moving between pages. Our list had specific friends to see, days out in London, theatre trips and spa days. Make a list for yourself now and then schedule in dates to do them over the next 3 months.

Respect Mother figures

Block out an hour or 2 to make arrangements for Mother’s Day (Sunday 22 March in the UK). If your mother figures are no longer around to remember them take time to remember them and think about the current female influences in your life. Maybe add some inspiration in this area to your pinboards (whether they’re real or on Pinterest).

P.S. Like the sticky notes shown above?