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Commit to trying monotasking

There’s a real appeal in multitasking. It makes us feel that we are super productive. That we are getting lots done. And also that we are very busy and therefore very important. And it’s a good way of not really engaging with tasks we don’t want to do. So in August try to focus on one thing at a time and try whatever method might achieve that. So close unnecessary windows, set timers or break the task down into such tiny pieces it’s almost a no-brainer. Compile a list of all the small jobs you usually multitask and take pleasure in clearing them one by one.

And then have a think about how you feel at the end of the day and if you got more done. Use this to keep you focused next time you’re tempted to multi-task.

Put less on the list

Most days I’m pretty certain that there will be a few things that won’t get down. And if I’ve got 3 chunky things mingling with the small tasks then I already know that one of the chunky ones will get rolled over for another day. So wouldn’t it make more sense if I only planned to do one of them. Maybe created a chunky list and then picked the one that I was going to focus on. Because it’s not like I’m actually going to get them all done is it!

Lens clean

When did you last clean the various lens in your life? Find an anchor that you can tie this habit to. Then give spectacles and sunglasses a good clean; perhaps even with soapy water rather then just a cloth. Mind you while you’ve got that special lens cloth to hand the camera lens on your phone is probably a bit smudged. Give it a polish. That’s better and maybe it’ll make August look a bit brighter.