Choose a single focus for summer things

Making a summer bucket list is a pretty standard suggestion. It’s taking action on them that counts though. So after you’ve written your list (or given it some idle thought when you’re waiting for your emails to open) then pick one and just get on with it. Don’t worry about getting all things done. Act now and make one of them part of your routine. Even if you only do it once (and that’s all some things need) you’ll have the glow of knowing that you’ve taken action to spur you on.

Review your planner

Which sections are working for you? I tend to start the year keen to use the weekly focus and ‘good things that happened’ section. ‘Good things’ is where I make a note of what I’ve been watching and listening to. However, I get distracted as the year moves forward. This is a shame as looking back at the films I’ve watched, music I’ve listened to and Podcasts is a source of joy. So what are you no longer logging? Where are you no longer setting intentions? Consider if bringing these back into your life might be a good thing.

Give yourself permission

Get the notebooks you’ve been saving out of the drawer and start writing in them. Likewise, wear the summer clothes you’ve been saving for when the weather gets warmer. Rejoice in the abundance of what you have.