Remind yourself it’s no big deal

It’s so easy to get all caught up in the turn of the year. To obsess over making yourself into something you think will be an improvement on the current model. Step back and remind yourself that it’s just another day. If you want to try new things then you get to decide when.

Don’t get caught up in speeding up and slowing down

Goals for January never seem to be very good at balance. You have every intention of getting up earlier. Plus smashing your job list and learning a language while exercising. But you also want to take more time to relax. And to spend time just being with your family and get enough sleep. It’s so easy to get caught up in a cycle of wanting to speed up and then struggling to slow down. Find balance on the bicycle of life and don’t overload the panniers.

Think about what being organised actually means to you

It’s all very well saying that you’ll be more organised this year but what do you actually imagine when you tell someone that? And when you’ve thought about that have a think about why you want to be organised. Then you’ll know what you’re aiming for and which bits you just don’t need to worry about.