National Stationery Week 2016: Handmade Saturday


Inspiring stationery item: Maped Graph’Peps fineliners*

How I’d use it : to personalise and customise my beloved bullet journal (and maybe also make it look like a spell book…) It’s the most customised and handmade journal or planner I’ve ever had, and I love the endless opportunities to make it even more pers

Where I’d use it : Sitting at my bureau, pretending it’s my Hogwarts dormitory or desk, while willing my photographs to start moving and prove to me I’m *finally* going to Hogwarts. The Maped pens are amazing, they’re almost in House colours – Red for Gryffindor, Blue for Ravenclaw (that’s me), Green for Slytherin – and I can always draw outlines for Hufflepuff!

When I’d use it : First thing in the morning to kickstart my day in organised yet daydreamy fashion. Now, where are my school robes?

*Inspirational Maped Graph’Peps fineliners supplied by Small Man Media in support of National Stationery Week 2016