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Harry Potter themed collage for national stationery week 2016 - handmade saturday with a bullet journal and fineliner pens

Inspiring stationery item

Maped Graph’Peps fine liners*

How I’d use it

To personalise and customise my beloved bullet journal (and maybe also make it look like a spellbook…) It’s the most customised and handmade journal or planner I’ve ever had, and I love the endless opportunities to make it even more personal.

Where I’d use it

Sitting at my bureau, pretending it’s my Hogwarts dormitory or desk while willing my photographs to start moving and prove to me I’m *finally* going to Hogwarts. The Maped pens are amazing, they’re almost in House colours – Red for Gryffindor, Blue for Ravenclaw (that’s me), Green for Slytherin – and I can always draw outlines for Hufflepuff!

When I’d use it

First thing in the morning to kickstart my day in an organised yet daydreamy fashion. Now, where are my school robes?

*Inspirational Maped Graph’Peps fine liners supplied by Small Man Media in support of National Stationery Week 2016