I might be reasonably organised but I’m not terribly good at minimalism (or packing light).

However, on trips to the US, I know I have to keep space for the return journey in my suitcase for the inevitable raids on the craft superstores over here.

So this is what I pack to keep up with my business and blogging on the go…

A notebook (this one started for this trip so I can make a collage or scrapbook pages when I’m home, as well as catching thoughts), my mini diary so I don’t lose track of what’s going on datewise, my trusty pencil case and a mini laptop. And of course, my phone, which is what I’m using to write this post.

Generally when either of us is away our rule is that we don’t need to worry about the business as the other takes care of it. But it’s nice to have this set up in case I do need to catch up with anything biz-related.

It’s also been really good to get some perspective on what I really need and can get by with. This is in contrast to the all-mod-cons, every angle covered luxury of my studio at home. I’m reading lots of books about simplifying at the moment and their ethos is striking chords.

What do you take on holiday? Or do you switch off entirely?