We all know that there's nothing like getting a parcel through the post. Better yet when it's an unexpected parcel. So I was extremely chuffed when the postie rang the doorbell last week and delivered Carla's New Year gift parcel.

New Year gift parcel

I was particularly excited by the Moleskine. I first came across them in a catalogue (maybe Hawkin's Bazaar) where Bruce Chatwin was referenced. I had no idea who he was but was delighted to find a book by him on the shelf of a library I was working in some years later. I happily read it over lunch of home made sushi while lying on the grass outside The Tate Modern.

However the point is I didn't feel that I'd ever really been worthy of a Moleskine. Surely it would need to be filled with meaningful observations, prefably from far flung corners of the globe. What would I ever do that would live up to such an notebook?

However Carla is a clever thing and she bought me a 2014 diary/planner. There could no possible excuse for not using it. And she included a label pointing out that this was day books for the year.

I was this forced to concede, and begin using it. Naturally I had to make it my own. So I decorated the front with a tag that came on a gift a few years ago…

Notebook decorated with letter 'A'

And added a few personal touches inside, including the 4 rules (David over at Raptitude suggests working out which one of these you've broken when things go wrong – try it)

Open diary with the four rules

So here I am jotting down things down in MY Moleskine. And I'm able to announce the first lesson I've learnt this year – don't be intimidated and think you're not worthy (especially when it comes to stationery).

Wishing green ink, good reads, and wonderful food,