Things we learned in 2016 |

Happy 2017! We made a plan at the start of the year and while flexibility is a good thing plans only have any hope of success if you stick to them… right?!

  1. Decisions are hard to make. It helps if you have a rule of thumb.
  2. Priorities are good but harder than you might think.
  3. Doing things earlier in the day is good.
  4. Always take a sports car to IKEA.
  5. It’s the daily writing in a diary or journal that makes the difference.
  6. How important letters and stationery are if you are chronically ill – thanks Pippa aka sassyspoonie
  7. How much you can actually achieve in 10 minutes or less (the secret is in the planning and breaking down of tasks)
  8. That we love bullet journals.
  9.  That support, emotional and practical, is necessary, and that it’s actually ok to ask for it… people are usually delighted to help!
  10.  You can never have too much of the stuff you love – in our case, stationery and good food!

What did you learn last year? What will you be applying to life (and writing in your bullet journal), this year?