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Heuristic 1: always choose the green one |

There are too many decisions to make in a day. Let’s face it, most of them don’t matter that much. The choice you make will not be life-changing and could (with a few possible exceptions) be reversed quite easily.

So to save my energy for more interesting things (like list-making) I have 3 rules to apply. I’ll pick the green one, the one that is number 7, or the vegan option. So anything with¬†colours or patterns is going to be green.

If it’s on a list then it’s number 7 or a multiple of (I used this to choose words from a list to inspire me each month in 2016) or the single vegan option on the menu. I’m only likely to run in trouble with the latter if there’s more than one choice but that’s where the rules of green or 7 come in.

Carla adapts this and always chooses the blue one. Or the one involving chocolate.

What are your rules to minimise the brain ache of choice?