I love my big notebook, my day book, that I write all kinds of things in. However with so many pages it can be difficult to keep track of which page I've written which job list on. The notebook has a ribbon marker but that's only good for one page, and life is more complicated than that.

Notebook with tabs
Someone suggested to me that a tabbed notebook might be easier but I the tabs are never in the right place. I didn't want to go down the Filofax route because firstly I have a beautiful (if now slightly battered) green notebook, and secondly my stuff doesn't translate well into sections.
A selection of tabs
Then I discovered tabs that you could apply to any page these includes some remade ones (examples here from Flipfile and Post-it), and the DIY version using Magic tape and old sticky notes.
My early efforts utilised some sticky notes intended to go on a fax as a header. Sadly they weren't much use for a fax anymore but we're just the right shape for making a broad tab when folded in half. They also have the bonus of being easily moved to another page. However the paper clearly isn't intended for hard wear and gets creased quite easily.
Magic tape tabs
However for convenience I'm currently favouring Magic tape. It wears well, is widely available and can be removed when no longer required.
So problem resolved. I can find various job list, notes and bits of information in an instant. All I need now is a fax machine and an excuse to send a fax so I can put the rather stylish fax Post-its to their proper use.
How do you manage with a big notebook? How do you bookmark?
Wishing you green ink and good food,