The sheer joy of wearing summer clothes and enjoying a breeze in the sun. Drinking a morning cuppa as the sky is blue outside. Being amazed that you’ve filled in nearly half of your planner. These are some of our summer delights.

We’re also wondering. If we’ve got any sun cream. Whether enough work will get done in time to go to the park. Will we stay motivated on our monthly goals?

Anyway here are the small things that we’re doing to make a tiny bit more streamlined.

Pack your bag

We’re a bit out of practice at leaving the house unless we’re going to the supermarket or the post office. And we’ve both left the house got to the end of the path and realised that we’d completely forgotten to pick up a mask. Some years back we shared our list of things to pack in your day bag. You might need to take some of the things on the list. But you don’t have to take everything. Surely it must be due for an update!

I don’t want to

Summer is presented as a blissful time but let’s face it there are bits about that we just don’t enjoy. So have a think about those in advance. Don’t like barbeques? Then when you receive an invitation you’ll have a plan. You can either decline the invitation or plan to eat in advance. Dislike sitting on the grass? Carry a blanket everywhere or get familiar with the locations of all the benches in your local parks. Choose not to do or to make it work for you.

Shake up your planner

Your current planner has now been your constant companion for over five months. So you’ve probably fallen into a bit of a rut. Ask yourself as you write in it this month how you feel about each section. Maybe you’re not filling in pre-printed sections anymore. Or you’ve been saving the blank pages at the back for best. Or you’re just going through the motions in some places. Shake it up! Get some inspiration from Instagram. Look back through the last few months and see if how you’re using it has changed.