It’s been a whirlwind time for Team Ink Drops (as we have been dubbed).

We celebrated National Letter Writing Day on 21 May. On this date, we headed off, typewriter in hand. And where to? Why to the Letter Writing Salon organised by the lovely Cheryl of Make Me Joyful.

From the moment we spotted the gold balloons (spelling out ‘joy’) in the coffee shop window, we just knew that we were in for a lovely evening. It’s so easy to forget how enjoyable putting pen to paper is. Particularly when there is heaps of lovely stationery involved, calligraphy lessons and a vintage typewriter or two.

Cupcakes and cocktails also put in appearance because writing can be hard work that requires sustenance. Sealing wax was experimented with. Completed letters were popped into the postbag for delivery. It’s been glorious to hear how delighted the recipients were.

Then we barely time to refill our fountain pens. For we headed off to displays our wares at Bobby’s Girl Vintage Fayre. There were heaps of vintage goodies to admire/resist buying. Lovely people to chat with. And we even got to talk about getting vintage typewriters working again (blog post on this to follow soon).

And in the time in between, we’ve been buying new stock and deciding on what fabulous thing to pop in boxes in the coming months. We’ve also put together a stationery box for Dads so that’s your Father’s day gift issue solved. Who says we aren’t good to you?