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It’s week 2 of my bullet journalling experience (experiment seems a bit strong no matter how far I feel I’m being pushed from my comfort zone). I haven’t developed amazing art skills but it’s been interesting!

Weekly spread

My weekly spread used the same headings as before pretty much. I’m not certain that the ‘to cook section’ is hugely helpful. If I’m going to keep it I’ll need to add something similar to my daily page.

Daily pages

I was much happier with my daily pages – not least because I actually made use of washi tape! The sections worked well generally although I did sometimes find it hard to know which task to do next. I think I could resolve this by having fewer tasks per day and by getting better at assigning very specific tasks. If I’m carrying a task over I need to replace it with a task to write a list of tasks to complete around the topic. This is exactly what GTD suggests.

I did manage to assign less for the end of the week. And I left myself space for rolled over tasks to be done. Adding an activities section worked well. They didn’t get mixed up with my to-do list while reminding me that I needed to plan around them.

Habit tracking

I’ve not been doing great with my habits chart. I keep forgetting to fill it in. I’m coming to the conclusion that I’ve got too many things on it. Some of them are things with a clear endpoint that I’m working to do a bit of each day. So they don’t really count as a habit. As my habits chart only the to mid-month My new one will be a slimmed-down version. It won’t include habits I’ve already bedded in like writing my diary, or things that I need to do occasionally like putting on a washing load before going to bed.

Future planning pages

My coming week page has been great for noting things that need looking at but isn’t a priority now. It makes planning easier. Coming back to my intentions chart it’s clear that need to make a point at looking at daily. Right now I only look at it when planning. Interestingly although I didn’t really have much of an idea about how to implement my monthly intentions my sleep hours have definitely increased. And I seem to be more lighted hearted as a result. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops!

For next week I’m looking to create a new habits grid. Plus add a cooking section. Then there’s the challenge of trying to limit daily activities and breaking tasks down. I think I’m going to need to create some project pages for that kind of thing. And I’m still working on making my bujo more colourful and exciting.