Dijon mustard is better on paper


I was wandering home the other night. My mind wandering as I was distracted by the town around me. It wonderful to observe the familiar and see what is new and what is comfortingly unchanged. Summer always bring extra distractions as I can’t resist stopping to admire flowers and fresh looking leaves.

But I was getting closer to my flat and trying to focus my thoughts to what needed to be done before bed and what tasks I should accomplish the following day. I contemplated the pleasure of sitting in my kitchen with a pot of nettle tea and making a job list. Then I recalled all my in progress job lists and thought about how nice it would be to whittle those down. Particularly the tasks on the list making app which doesn’t let you get away with anything. No change to turn a fresh page and make new list. You’re reminded every day of all the tasks that you were supposed to do but haven’t quite gotten round to yet.

So I arrived home, greeted my cat, hung up my jacket and brewed tea. I remembered that I need to buy groceriesand opened Wunderlist, which I love for keeping my on track, with the intent of adding to my shopping list. I went to add the first item – Dijon mustard and realised that some lists are nicer written on paper. The time had come to reach for my day book, turn to fresh page and write down what my priorities for the next day because while e things are wonderful sometimes you need paper and pen and lots of space to doodle and write at strange angles and number tasks in an illogical manner.