It’s half past seven on a Monday evening as I type this – one of my kitties is asleep, the other one is sitting next to me meowing sadly at intervals, because the laptop isn’t very exciting to her – a mouse on a stick would be much more fun.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to write about this week, and my Monday turned out much busier than I expected, though lovely and surprisingly productive.

And then, as I finished dinner, put the kettle on and returned to my desk to write this, I suddenly wondered what I was doing. Just the other side of the room was a sofa, my new throw (from my autumn bucket list) and a radiator.


So I have migrated myself and my laptop over there (I’m too snotty and spluttery and sneezy for a self portrait, sorry!) and am starting a new trend – cosy blogging.

It might be that this is what you guys do on a regular basis and I’m just really late to the party – but I spend enough time sitting at a desk at my day job.

Blogging, bullet journalling or writing letters, curled up on the sofa, surrounded by colour and warmth, a mug of tea within arm’s reach – this is most definitely the life.

Who’s #cosyblogging with me?  Share your pics on social – I’d love to see!