There’s something about autumn days. The nip of cool air in the morning makes me smile in a way that the warm caress of a summer day didn’t. Maybe because we expect the weather in this part of the world to be cool and maybe a bit dull. Summer weather is not trustworthy. You know its here-today-gone-tomorrow sunshine. So you expect autumn days to look brighter than they are. Hence any warmth in that golden light is a bonus.

Then there are the glorious cliched colours and the way pavements turn into fabulous brown and green and orange carpets. A 70s inspired swirl of shades. Sometimes it’s crunchy underfoot. Like a dropped packet of biscuits that exploded. Other times they’re soft; how you always imagined walking in cornflakes would be.

You’re pleased to have the opportunity to savour the warmth of your clothes while breathing in the cool air thoughts turning to the end of the year. The joy of cosy scarves, jumpers and hats. An end to exposing pale flesh and wondering when the weather might change.

It’s these kinds of days I imagine packing up in an envelope to share with a friend. Taking a handful of leaves instead of writing a letter and fondly imagining that when they reach their destination they’ll flutter into the air and tell their own story of autumn days.