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Bring London to your desk with bus eracer -

Our January Ace selection included the red London bus e-racer. Ink Drops HQ is close enough to London for a day trip. But the chilly weather and transport issues are enough to make us put it off for when Spring begins. Instead, we’re looking at adding the glamour (and grime if we don’t wash up our teacups!) of the capital to our desks. It’s not quite London in miniature but no umbrella is needed and no tube ticket is required.

We’ll be racing our buses and writing in pencil (and hoping to make mistakes that need erasing) for the next few weeks.

Our February Ace selection is now available to order. Subscribe for 3 months, 6 months or buy as a one-off. Treat yourself this January and look forward to something dropping through your letterbox.

P.S. If you like this you might like to have a peek at the I Love London too selection. If you missed out on the January Ace selection it includes the fabulous London bus e-racer).