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You know that the seasons are changing by observing small signs. In our case these seem to be an urge to sit in the park, browsing online for new flipflops and wrestling to open the bathroom window!

Did you know that you can download a ton of freebies on the Passion Planner website? Some are generally useful and others, like the handwriting test, help you decide which planner is right for you.

We should all be Zoom experts by now but actually turns out that there are still plenty of tricks to learn. Like how to avoid that awkward pause when you join a call and aren’t sure if everything is working.

Do you love your fountain pen and bullet journaling? Then you’ll want to take a look at this list of notebooks that are suitable for both.

What was the internet invented for if not for collaborating on writing a haiku with 2 strangers?

Do you have #deskgoals? Get your workspace sort out with these 35 tips. We’re off now to shop for pegboard and magnetic strips!