Here in Essex, we’ve started to feel a nip in the air – it’s still milder than I’d expect for November, but early starts and late finishes really open your eyes to the fact that we’re in the last six weeks of the year. (eek!)

So here’s my round-up of gorgeous additions to a long walk on a crisp winter’s day… because there’s nothing nicer than wrapping up warm and braving the cold for a burst of invigorating air, right?

First up is this gorgeous snowy fox placemat. Perfect for breakfast before you head out (I never walk on an empty stomach. Actually I rarely do anything on an empty stomach…)

fox placemat

Then there are these mouse mittens, which I dearly hope are also available in an adult size.

mouse mittens

No walk is complete without a hot drink, so I’ve opted for my all-time favourite, Montezuma’s mint drinking chocolate

mint choc

Served in this glorious red flask and mug set from Lakeland.

flask set

And of course, walking guides so we don’t get lost…

What do you take on winter walks? Where do you go? Share pics with us on Instagram!

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