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There you are settling down for a writing session. You’ve got your stationery supplies laid out, your pen selected, and a cup of tea gently steaming (or the cold beverage of your choice – maybe the ice is still gently chinking).

But do you make one more final preparation before making yourself comfortable? Do you put the radio on for a little bit of company and inspiration while you write? Or maybe you have CDs, or vinyl records, that you set playing before you put pen to paper.

Or is the thing that you prefer the sound of silence, punctuated maybe by a little birdsong (or a passing vehicle…).

It’s such a personal thing. Carla swears by the eclectic mix she has on Spotify. We’ve both at times expressed enthusiasm for Focus@will, a service offering music to help to concentrate.

I find it depends on my mood. Some days Radio 4 is exactly what I need, especially in the evening. I like to enjoy the variety of voices and issues discussed. Podcasts play a similar role and I like challenging myself to finish a potentially dull task, like accounts, by the end of the podcast.

However, if it’s early in the morning then I prefer silence. I crave quiet to listen to the sounds around me of the house and the street. Then I can put my head in order while I write.

What do you listen to?