Queuing in the Post Office can be wonderful.  It’s time to read. You can spot interesting people. Eavesdropping is often rewarding. you can play the ‘guess what’s in the parcel’ game. It’s inevitable at this time of year that more people are sending things so you do often have to spend a little bit longer waiting.

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I was extremely happy to notice on my most recent visit that the Post Office have made a real effort to celebrate the vital link they play in connecting people at this time of year by including letter shapes in their bunting. Personally I’d like some of these decorating Ink Drops Central all year round.

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If you haven’t made it to the Post Office yet here’s a reminder of the final posting dates:

Wednesday 18th December for 2nd class

Friday 20th December for 1st class

Monday 23rd December for special guaranteed delivery

There’s still time to order order a Christmas gift from Ink Drops. In addition to our usual range of boxes, we have a limited edition box for Christmas featuring a 5 year diary and a variety of other stationery goodies.


Our 345 boxes offer 3 items for £5 including postage and packing and are great for stocking filler.

And while presents are all well and good don’t under estimate the joy that a letter or card can bring at this time of year. It’s a time intended for peace and goodwill so pen a note to that friend you’ve lost contact with, the relative you rarely see, or hand deliver a card to the neighbour you barely know.