Some of my lovely friends got married last summer. And that means that their first anniversaries are approaching. So I’ve found myself thinking of the traditional anniversary presents. 

Each year of marriage has a theme attached to it, traditionally, and the first is paper. Which is, as you know, one of my very favourite things. 

So what could you gift? 

Photos are always well received. They lend themselves wonderfully well to the paper theme. Perhaps a photo of the happy couple on or after their wedding day. Or how about a blank frame you have decorated with paper? Decopatch is good for this. 

There are journals for couples to fill in together each day. This definitely fits the paper theme and is a lovely idea. A blank journal in which they could record the next year would work just as well. And perhaps be even more personal!. 

I love the idea of postcards – sending each other unexpected postcards through the year, starting on your 1st anniversary. 

One of the couples who married last summer had a stack of paper pieces at their reception. There was a request for each guest to write a suggestion, piece of advice or another message on it. They put these into any of three jars. Then they will open them together on each of the first three anniversaries. 

We’ve also had a flurry of ladies and gents subscribing to our Ace selection as a gift for their other halves in recent months. Perhaps some of these are anniversary presents? The stationery-loving recipients seem very happy with their parcels of delights 🙂 

What would you gift for a first anniversary? 

photo credit: Love Banner with Red & Aqua Roses via photopin (license)