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Ideas for enjoying September from

It’s September. Time to trot out all those clichés about it being a fresh start. But it is! There are 4 months of 2019 left to enjoy. It’s better than January because the weather is warmer, you’re not worn out by Christmas and there’s no pressure for resolutions. So decide how you want to indulge for September. Just little things that let you keep that ‘new pencil case’ feeling going beyond the end of the week.

Ideas for September

Tidy up and use it up

  • Obviously clear out your pencil case but then commit to doing so every week. How about giving a good clean out on a Wednesday? No pencil case? Then transfer your attentions to your handbag/manbag/gym bag.
  • Try a new tea or other hot beverage. Forget pumpkin spice! Dig into all those boxes of fancy tea bags and coffees that are at the back of the cupboard. If you like them drink the lot. If they’re vile in your opinion use Olio to give them away and move on. Bonus is that you’ll have made space in your cupboards for festive goodies.

Write and write

  • Pick a day of the month and send a card or letter on that date. Then do the same every month – you’ll have sent 4 by the end of the year and feel smug!
  • Commit to writing one sentence in your journal every day or writing a single sentence of that you novel you’ve had an idea for. Try different times of the day until you find one that works for you.
  • Practice your handwriting in idle moments – while waiting in a ‘phone queue or before a meeting start.
  • In the same way, decide that you will read one sentence of a book every day. Remember, it’s about achievable goals people!

Embrace the season

  • Enjoy the milder weather while you can and justify a daily stroll as searching for seasonal change. You could create a seasonal playlist to listen to as you walk or just enjoy the ambient sounds.
  • Get some free education. In essence, this is the month of back to school. Support your local library or college. Make a date in your planner to borrow a book or 3 every week. Then find out what free online library services are on offer. We bet you’ll be surprised by the variety of online courses, as well as free e-books and e-audio.

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Photo by twinsfisch on Unsplash