Who doesn't love stickers? Perfect for livening up folders and notebooks. Splendid at envelope decoration. Lovely added to letters. Delightful in a bujo. In fact I've even livened up my plain grey water bottle with some stickers. It's like sewing patches onto your denim jacket but way less effort.


Selection of stickers | stationery and letter writing| inkdrops.co.uk

In our opinion we all need small pleasures in our daily life. So for your enjoyment we've put together a 2017 version of the 'It's a Stick Up' selection. It's a stick up has 9 different sticker designs. Naturally you can justify the monthly planner stickers as being sensible. Likewise the numbers, letters and hands are there for labelling. Finally the 5 fun designs are like dessert after eating a sensible main course.

Indulge your sticker habit and purchase It's a Stick Up today.